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What do Stephen Pearcy, Vince Neil, Alice Cooper, & Flava Flav have in common?

From the ingenius mind of Las Vegas entrepreneur, businessman and philanthropist,

Chuck Brennan, hails a new commercial promoting his Dollar Loan Centers with the most unique collaboration of talent since the 1980's video 'We are the World'.

With 56 locations in Nevada & Utah, while also serving Wisconsin & Idaho online, Dollar Loan Centers are the premier signature loan lender. Founder/ CEO Chuck Brennan wanted to spread the word of his companies services by way of utilizing his friends in a humorous way by having each one drive the Dollar Loan Centers Zamboni through the arena by the same name, as they each receive the news that they were easily approved for a loan from Dollar Loan Center! Mr. Chuck Brennan's 'friends' just so happen to be some of the Coolest & Legendary entertainers in the industry;

Alice Cooper

Vince Neil

Stephen Pearcy

Flava Flav

Sebastian Bach

Rick Harrison of 'Pawn Stars'

Danny Cocker of 'Counting Cars'

and several other Vegas beloved acts.

The commercial campaign started May 16th 2022, with each month showcasing another Legendary entertainer driving the Infamous Zamboni while celebrating Quick Loan Approval.

This week is Stephen Pearcy's turn around the arena, clearing the ice as he celebrates Dollar Loan Center approval! The Zamboni received some extra special attention with added Flames and a Cowcatcher in the front to pay homage to Stephens love of Fast cars & Drag Racing. And who better to "Drag Out" a Zamboni then Danny Crocker

("Counting Cars") himself.

Look for the commercial in Nevada and surrounding states... Next time your pockets feel a little lite, give Dollar Loan Center a try... "what comes around goes around, I'll tell you why....Dig"

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