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Top Fuel Entertainment Presents
VAMIEE Limitless Reality Studio is a state-of-the-art 25,000 square foot studio facility that brings virtual and live events into the future for touring musicians , product launches, live concerts, awards shows, press conferences, hosting a speaker series, or even a business meeting. Producers and/or Touring Acts now have a way to reach a global audience in the most efficient and impressive way, all the while hosting to a LIVE audience simultaneously.
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Our Story

As a touring musician, Stephen Pearcy has experienced every style of touring over 4 decades in the industry. Pleasing Rock fans takes a very hands on approach....they want to feel the music and take in the experience in the most personal way. So as Live Streaming began to enter the field of entertainment, Stephen could feel the lack luster approach that this new form of entertainment technology offered and he wanted to find a way to offer fans more. He could see that Live Streaming was the ceiling of where Live Music is able to go in an effort to reach fans from the comfort of their own home but it offers not much more. His goal was to create a way to integrate music fans, live music, live venues, and worldwide capability....Stephen found a way to supply a venue which offers the artists a 300 seat capacity Live Music Venue- complete with full bar in a live music venue setting- along with technological capability to invite over 250,000 fans on a worldwide surround scene of which each fan can interact with the artist and with each other. We have scoured the world to find another facility that offers all of these unique attributes for the artist and have found there to be NONE. 

VAMIEE - Virtual and Metaverse Integrated Entertainment Experience is THE FUTURE of Entertainment, offering a very personal experience to a worldwide audience. For Speakers, Product Launches, Red Carpet events, Movie Premieres, Concerts, Corporate Meetings or Seminars. You name it, We can Make it Happen for you in The Most Impressive Way that You have ever seen.

Meet The Team

  • Founder, singer, songwriter of 80's mega - multi platinum selling band, RATT

  • 30 + million albums sold

  • 40 + years in the music industry

  • Heavy Metal Hall of Fame Inductee

  • owner/operator Top Fuel Entertainment

Stephen Pearcy
Kristi Adair
  • Producer, writer, director

  • Documentarian

  • SEP manager

  • Brand management

  • owner / operator Top Fuel Entertainment

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