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What a Birthday Bash it was!!!

Stephen Pearcy celebrated his Birthday in Spectacular ROCK N'ROLL style and the Traverse City audience on the shores of Lake Michigan were there to enjoy it all with him.

As Stephen Pearcy finished up his 3rd song in his set, he stepped back to take a short break between songs......when, much to his surprise, the entire band of Night Ranger came onstage singing Happy Birthday! A thrilled audience joined in on the impromptu sing a long as his fiance, Kristi Adair brought him a cake!

"This was an EPIC moment" stated a fan sitting front row.

The 'Epic Moments' continued as Ted Nugent was backstage ready to jump in on Night Ranger's set to the Surprise of all the fans who had already been treated to the Very Cool Birthday celebration.

Night Ranger and Stephen Pearcy will ROCK the house together again Sept 1st & 2nd in Las Vegas at The STRAT!!

A huge Thank You to Everyone in on the Surprise.....and Traverse City's very own WKLT radio... Omelette & Finster for bringing the cake 🎂

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lekor adams
lekor adams
Dec 04, 2023

What a birthday bash it was! The celebration rolled seamlessly through the day, becoming a joyous spin on the wheel of bliss, where every moment added to the festivities, creating a whirlwind of happiness and unforgettable memories for everyone involved.


Nathan Adrian
Nathan Adrian
Sep 15, 2023

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