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BACKSTAGE BLAST: The Round and Round Video Shoot & Robbin Crosbys Private thoughts about the Song

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

January 24th, 1984 was a Big day for Stephen Pearcy and the boys from RATT. After all, it had been a tenacious four years since Stephen had moved to L.A. on News Years Day 1980. The bold move meant giving up the top slot in his hometown of San Diego, as one of the top local rock bands and starting over as a very small fish in a much bigger pond.

L.A. was the big pond that Stephen Pearcy was looking to conquer. He already had written enough songs to fill up notebook after notebook, Mickey Ratt had proven to be a good band with good songs and a very good looking frontman.... so in 1980, L.A. become home to a different kind of rodent. Mickey RATT, soon to be known simply as RATT.

Fast forward to January 24th, 1984, RATT had truly earned this moment. Mere months prior, the bands EP (released: August 23, 1983) had caught the attention of Doug Morris, President of Atlantic Records, in which he then attended RATT's showcase performance at The Beverly Theater, he promptly signed them to Atlantic that night and the RATT Machine was officially in the RATT Race!

Enjoy this trip down memory lane AKA. "Backstage Blast", as Stephen shares the ORIGINAL Call Sheet from the "Round and Round" video shoot, portions of the Press Release from the Howard Bloom Organization and several exclusive photos straight out of Stephens personal collection.

The Beverly Theater Marquee, July 27, 1983

"Round and Round Call Sheet, Press release, and Ad.

1983 Band Photoshoot

"Round and Round" Video Wrap.

Director: Don Letts (Fast Fact: Don Letts co-founded the band, "Big Audio Dynamite" with "Clash" guitarist, Mick Jones.

Featuring Milton Berle

1983 RATT's 1st Professional Photo Shoot

1984, RATT's 1st tour bus. Stephen & Warren. photo by: Mark Weiss

"BACKSTAGE PAST", Robbin Crosby talks about "Round and Round":

"We had put together "Round and Round" in mid-1983. It was good, but far from

perfect at the time. We didn't even put it on the Ratt EP, because we felt it was

not strong enough.

When we went to record 'Out Of The Cellar' with Beau Hill, he listened to it a few

times and then said "I think we've got something here."

I sure didn't think it was all that great. But, Beau Hill re-constructed some of the

breaks in the song, and he had Warren lay down some solo-blasts.

When it was done, I said to Beau "It could be a Top 40 song as well. It has that feel."

He thought so too.

When it was released, I have to admit I was initially disappointed that it didn't do

better. But once the Music Video aired ......... F*** Man, it took off like a Ratt on fire."

Robbin Crosby

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