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Everyone LOVES the 80's!

Updated: Jan 11

Glam Metal 80's Icon Stephen Pearcy has hit the road touring his 40th Anniversary Album "Out of the Cellar" and he is celebrating with his fans at every show.

Fast becoming MTV darlings, RATT toured non-stop from 1983-1991 churning out hit after screaming guitar hit, ultimately landing them in some of the 80's & 90's most iconic movies & TV shows; "Point Break", "Weird Science", "The Golden Child", "Miami Vice".....just to name a few.

RATT headlined to sold out arenas throughout the 80's, with Stephen Pearcy handpicking new, up & coming opening bands of which he saw great potential; such as Bon Jovi (opened for RATT 1985/86) and Poison (opened for RATT 1986/87).

40 years later Stephen Pearcy still flies the 80's Flag at EVERY show. As he honors the album that, along with Van Halen and Motley Crue, created a movement that started out with a few Wild & Talented guys on the Sunset Strip and ended up defining the most Electrically Charged Era in music!

1991 Point Break

1985 Weird Science

1987 Miami Vice

1986 The Golden Child

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