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THAT Rocks!!!!!

Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine, and Don Jamison are at it again, bringing their brand of Metal knowledge to YOU on their New YouTube show 'THAT Rocks'!

Picking up where 'That Metal Show' left off, the trio covers All of Rocks most interesting topics, current events, metal music news and views.

Watch as Stephen Pearcy takes the boys on a trip down memory lane, behind the scenes of the infamous 80's Rock scene.

He's also announcing his upcoming Las Vegas show with Night Ranger on Sept 1st and 2nd

As well as what just might be his Last show ever at The Whiskey, Dec 29th 2023

Speaking of The Whiskey show ......look forward to being a part of Rock n Roll history as Whit Hertford, who plays Lil Stephen in the Lay it Down video will be attending that show!!

So sit back and enjoy this Awesome Interview on That Rocks!!!

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