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Updated: Jan 24, 2021

As the landscape of live music has changed since 2020's shut down of music venues and close public gatherings. So have the ways of which to bring music to the fans. You can take the Rock n' Roll out of the Venue but you can't take the Rock n' Roller away from his music! Folks will Always find a way to Have a Good Time.

When it comes to fans who wanna have a Good Time, look no further than RATT fans! Fans of RATT & Stephen Pearcy are The Best Rock n' Rollers on the Planet. Quarintine Smorintine.... Stephen Pearcy fans will ALWAYS find a way to Cheers their way through lifes' Good & Bad.

Stephen Pearcy lives life much the same way as his fans, therefore has answered the call by bringing back the days of the"House Party". Back in the 70's when Mickey Ratt was playing the San Diego backyard scene. Stephen figured he could make things a lot easier if he set up his band at his own house, charged a buck a head, Chicks for Free (of course) and Let the Games begin! He had his friends come by and join in the jam.....playing a little of this and little of that until the wee hours of the night!

Fast Forward to 2021 and, as he sees it, the House Party is still very much Alive and Well. With virtual gigs becoming a new norm & the new "House Party", Pearcy will introduce his "House Party" style sessions on his soon to be released docu-series, "Backstage Past" on ASY/TV. (Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV). Expect the Unexpected....from touring around

locations from Mickey RATT and early RATT days to behind-the scenes of Stephens Live streams, to jamming with friends. Stay tuned for programming dates. Filming begins Feb 23rd.

Author: #misstruthadare

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