A huge THANK YOU to the Amazing RATT n' ROLLER's who opted for the full package purchase during "ALIVE on The Sunset Strip" Live Stream. Your items are on the way!

The signed Set list took some time as there were hundreds to sign and in true Stephen fashion, he added a few hidden messages on a select few. So when you get yours, look it over and if it has anything different then the below pic (signed in both Red and Purple Ink), please take a picture, post it to Stephens' Facebook and Twitter...if yours has one of the extra messages, you get a cool prize from our very own Cellar Headquarters!

Each of the signed set lists are 11" X 17". They would look amazing as framed art!

There are no better fans in the World then RATT fans! Looking forward to getting back on the road and seeing those who LOVE to RATT n' ROLL!

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