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Stephen Pearcy has had to answer questions daily as to why RATT hasn't put together a reunion of original members. He has been as forthright on the topic as one can be......he has extended an olive branch for nearly 5 years now but if people want to retire then there's simply nothing one can do but respect that choice and move on.

Not everyone has the energy & tenacity that Stephen Pearcy has had for years!! Having overcome liver cancer and grateful for everyday. He loves playing for the Best Rock N' Roll fans in the world-- and he loves bringing the party to your town!! After all, RATT is his creation, evolving from his band, Mickey RATT. He and Robbin Crosby started it and Stephen will carry the torch with Robbin by his side, in spirit, til the end. 👑 In essence RATT is Stephen Pearcy & Stephen Pearcy IS RATT.

He recently addressed this exact question online and here is his full response.....It comes from the heart. He loves seeing the fans/friends Rockin' to the songs that became the Soundtrack to so many of our Best Years!

"First, my sentiments are the same and my feelings about my band RATT to this day. Another first, without Robbin (and to this day) there’s been nothing but mutiny. I don’t want the Ratt fan’s disrespected or wondering who’s that guy on guitar, that guy on bass, god forbid another singer, or not knowing any of the OG members 83-91 respectfully or disrespectfully. I’d like to keep some dignity and integrity for the band I started with Robbin “King”. We did achieve more then imagined and appreciated. It really started with Mickey Ratt 1981.

But when my guys don’t give a shit about anything to this day but the power trip and controlling factor, (retire?) they seem to have forgotten who steered the Ratt machine. All equals at one time. But I can’t let the charades continue after being fortunate enough to still be in the game 2023. The only way your going to Ratt n’ Roll these days is at my solo shows, or wait until I’m done here and see the tribute bands deal it out. #1980’s #Sunsetstripexperience 2024

I’m far from finished doing what I started, writing music and playing it. As for ARCADE, Fred Coury and I just wanted to keep playing and tired of our bands BS. Break time. We made a couple good Top Fuel Records 2022. Freddie’s my little brother, a great chapter in our lives. Frankie Wilsey and Donny Syracuse are still great friends. Without further ado, come out and party, my dates posted. There is a time limit (40) years for Ratt this year. Most of yr favorite 80’s groups who are still lucky enough to take advantage of the 1980’s “Sunset Strip Experience” resurgence please do, and go support these bands. I can’t present my band RATT any longer with one or even two OG members. To me it’s just not to cool or worth it. Especially if you’re not even recognizable, or care to be anyway. We had a great run, some bands aren’t supposed to last forever, only on albums. Am I clear yet? See ya out there!"

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