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New 80's Documentary on Paramount Plus featuring Stephen Pearcy

New 80's documentary, 'Nöthin’ But a Good Time: The Uncensored Story of ’80s Hair Metal' directed by Jeff Tremaine (Jackass creator), is due out this year on Paramount+

This was a very cool project that Stephen Pearcy filmed last year in our Vegas house. Jeff and his crew came to our home for a couple of days and filmed Stephen's storytelling about the "most outrageous decade in rock n roll". Story after Story solidified Stephen's place in hard rock history as he, Motley, and Van Halen started a music scene in the late 70's, early 80's that would become THE 80'S!

Long before Poison , Guns N' Roses , and so many MTV favorites.... RATT , Mötley Crüe, and Van Halen had already lit the Sunset Strip Ablaze with a new twist on Rock music and Fashion that ultimately created the Decade of Decadence! #stephenperacy #jefftremain #gnr #rocknroll #80s #80smusic #mtv

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I can’t wait to see this, the soundtrack to the best years of my youth.

Ratt n Roll 🐀🔥☠️


Totally AWESOME. I cannot wait to watch. Definitely Stephen Pearcy and RATT galvanized that time period as a ‘never to be repeated’ genre in rock music history!! Thanks Stephen!!!


Way cool can’t wait to watch it . Ratt n roll will never die . I hope you come back to south Florida again soon west palm beach would be great .



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