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Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Alice Cooper hit the Las Vegas scene at The Dollar Loan Center Arena last night and it was EPIC!

The Dollar Loan Center is Henderson, Nevada's newest Sports & Entertainment Arena, as well as, home to the Henderson Silver Knights. The 5,567-seat arena is fast becoming one of the premier destinations for sports, concerts and everything entertainment in the Las Vegas area.

On any given day or night at the DLC Arena you could pass by your favorite Celebrity, Rockstars, and/or Reality Stars since they have been coming out in full force to enjoy all that the new arena has to offer ...... Donny Osmond, Vince Neil, Sebastian Bach, Danny Koker, Stephen Pearcy, FlavorFlav.... just to name a few.

If you don't already know, The Dollar Loan Center Arena is where the coolest Commercials we're recently filmed with an ALL-STAR cast of characters, each having filmed their own version of the same DLC Arena Commercial.

Back to Alice's show...... I have to say a very cool part of the evening was walking through the doors into a surprise reunion between old friends & RATT bandmates, Jake E. Lee & Stephen a jam session not too far away? In true Stephen Pearcy fashion, he was quick to bring up the subject of writing and recording together. "Let's Go Brother!".

The history of Jake and Stephen runs deep.... Jake was in a band named Teaser in San Diego (late 70's), Stephen had his band Mickey Ratt (pre-RATT), both would play at San Diegos venue, Straight Ahead Sound. Jake eventually joined Mickey Ratt in 81-82, playing the Sunset Strip scene, The Country Club, ect....Mickey Ratt turned into a 2 guitar band of which Jake decided he wanted to be in a 1 guitar player band....soon he would audition for Ozzy....."Crazy Train", "Bark at the Moon" would soon follow. Little unknown piece of history is that Jake and Warren DiMartini shared an apartment for awhile and as Warren was working on "Round and Round", Jake was working on "Bark at the Moon". Ohhhh to be a fly on the wall of that apartment with so much talent.

Needless to say, last nights reunion of old friends was beyond cool! Interestingly enough, Stephen has been working on his legacy album for months, combing through hours of old tapes. Listening to actual sessions of he and the boys sitting around working out songs in Ratt Mansion West from the early 80's. Rumors had swirled for years that he and Jake never wrote together but that's NOT true. Stephen has 2 unreleased songs with Jake - one of which will be on the legacy album by Golden Robot & Top Fuel Records. Stay tuned.

Jake E. Lee and Stephen Pearcy October 8, 2022

Stephen & Jake 1982 at the Troubadour. Opening for Motley Crue.


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This. Is. Mark. Phillips. From. Derry. Nh. Piercy. From. Ratt. You have an awesome website sir


Just want to say Stephen and the band rocked Des Moines, IA in August 2022!!! Sang all of the RATT classsics like" Im Insane", "You're in Trouble", "Lay it down", "You're in Love". "Wanted Man" and of course "Round and Round". Stephen and the band (those guys are awesome!) delivered every song with precision. And I must say the song "You only live twice" is the best new rock song Ivee heard in years! Ive been to 100s of shows and this was one of the best!!! Thanks Stephen Pearcy and Band! Rain or Shine!

Barry G. Schroader
Barry G. Schroader
Oct 10, 2022
Replying to

They sure rocked Beaver Dam, Ky. in July! I enjoyed meeting Stephen as well. Awesome band, awesome night! Stephen, you’re a legend, brother! 🎸🎤🤘🏼😎



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