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2023 brought RATT fans alot of opportunities to see their head RATT play and meet up with fans at every show. Stephen Pearcy toured all through the year and offered affordable Meet N Greets after every performance. Sometimes staying until 1 and 2am after his show because the lines were long and Stephen wanted each and every fan to have a memorable experience. He signed collectibles that he absolutely loved seeing. RATT fans have risen above and beyond what it means to preserve the 80's and he has taken notice.

2024 brings on an entirely new opportunity to honor the album that started it all....1984's Out of the Cellar. With its infamous cover featuring 80's siren, Tawny Kitaen, and the double guitar solos that Robbin Crosby and Warren DiMartini perfectly blended over Stephens salacious vocals, Out of the Cellar encapsulated everything 80's. Raw, dangerous, sexy, high voltage energy that grabbed you and didn't let go until the last lick of the last song on that album. In 1984 “Out of the Cellar” climbed up the charts with singles soaring past Prince’s “Lets Go Crazy”, Van Halen’s “Panama”, Madonna’s “Borderline” and David Bowies “Blue Jean”.

Over the years Stephen has tried relentlessly to bring together the living members of RATT but to no avail. At a certain point he has to simply accept one's choice to retire, God knows the boys have earned it. He too has earned it but wants to give one last go around to the fans this year.

And so with that, if you want to see one of the last 80's rock legends bring you one of 1984's top rock albums played in it's entirety, Come out and join us time travel back to 1984! Every Stephen Pearcy show is a trip back in time....come out and see for yourself! Labeled "One of the Best Frontmen to emerge from The Decade of Decadence" by The New York Times, Stephen Pearcy does not disappoint. So bring your mullets, studs, and leather and expect to be transported back to 1984! See ya out there :)

Many more dates will be posted throughout the year.

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Stephen seems to have pulled off the rest of April shows for some reason.

Is Stephen or any of the band members feeling sick? If so, take a good rest and come back stronger!

Everyone including Mr. Elias was on fire a week ago at Dallas show!

More than 30,000 views for the show Apr. 17, '24 recorded by EXPLORE DFW (Dallas Texas Metroplex)

Metal Sludge News

Last but not least, thanks a lot Scot for not only kick@ss drumming but strong backing vocals for the past years!


When the Houston Tx. date?


What is code to purchase tickets?


Like to see that ass kicking show again Ashland KY


Will Out of the Cellar album be played in its entirety in all upcoming shows? @misstruthadare

Replying to

Alright Alright...!



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