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Updated: Jan 28, 2022

There are some very cool things happening in the Stephen Pearcy household. He is filming for his new show, letting viewers join in on the daily adventures of his work, his life, adorable pets, and preparations for his concerts.

You'll notice some very cool Elvis furniture in the Pearcy household that was purchased from Priscilla Presley when she sold the home that she had moved into after divorcing Elvis in '73 and lived in until last year (1975-2020). Some of the furnishings were brought over from the house that she & Elvis shared at 144 Monovale Rd. in Bev Hills (1970-75)....they divorced Oct 1973... She, Elvis, & Lisa Marie lived together in the Monovale home from (1970-1973), then Priscilla & Lisa Marie lived there for 2 years (73-75)-- after the divorce--- until moving to the home of which these items resided for 50 years (1975-2020).

Below is a picture of Priscilla (with her's & Elvis's beloved family Great Dane, Brutus) standing in front of the Coat Rack that we have in our home now. Brutus was shared by both Elvis & Priscilla after the divorce to watch over lil' Lisa Marie (see pics).

According to sources in the EP camp, Brutus was also the dog in Elvis's 1968 'Live a Little Love a Little' .

On that same coat rack, (that of which ELVIS once hung his coat and hat), now hangs the cowboy hat that Stephen wore on his 2011 appearance on That Metal Show.

And that's the COOL CONNECTION of the ROCK N'ROLL HISTORY between Stephen Pearcy & Elvis Presley!!

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2 comentários

The more I learn about Stephen Pearcy The Person, the cooler the man gets. Really looking forward to the new show Please post how it can be seen. The Vest I was able to be lucky enough to get from Stephen is a BAD ASS one of a kind prize possession displayed proudly in my home, Keep on Ratt n Rollin!


Charles Flowers
Charles Flowers
12 de jan. de 2022

Look forward to the new show.

Where will be seen, youtube?



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