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Stephen Pearcy's Ratt Bastard's are READY to give fans What they Want!

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

With 2020 in the rearview mirror and cancelled shows slowly beginning to show up on the books again. Stephen Pearcy is ready to give the fans what they Want and probably what we all Need.... a healthy dose of some Kick Ass Rock n' Roll from RATT's founder & Lead Singer.

Get ready to hear a set list that fans have never heard before.... to include: "Lay it Down", "Your in Love", Round and Round", mixed with solo music from "Smash" & "View to a Thrill".

Rehearsals began yesterday for what will be a Live Stream Concert, as well as a separate Concert Movie to include old school footage from RATT's past, early days of Mickey RATT, ect...Pearcy has a busy work week ahead as filming officially begins for his "BackStage Past" docu-series in Culver City, CA, tomorrow. Filming will cover Pearcy touring locations of which highlight the origination of Mickey RATT/RATT, where the band lived, rehearsed, had photo shoots, childhood homes, friends who were in and out of the band, ect... Pearcy wants to use this platform as a vehicle to also highlight Robbin Crosby's legacy, signature style, and integral role in creating the Look and Music of 80's music & fashion.

Here's a peek into yesterdays rehearsals with the Ratt Bastards:

Stephen Pearcy - Vocals

Erik Ferentinos - Lead Guitar & Backup Vocals ( Stephen Pearcy, Bow Wow Wow)

Frankie Wilsey - Guitars ( SeaHags, AeroMyth, Stephen Pearcy, Arcade)

Jerry Montano - Bass ( Danzig, HellYeah)

Scot Coogan - Drums & Backup Vocals ( Ace Frehley, Brides of Destruction, L.A. Guns, Lynch Mob)

Turn it up!

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