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Stephen Pearcy covers the 1961 hit 'The Wanderer'

Pearcy is never far from the studio and constantly writing, recording, and always scrathing his creative itch.

As much as he is the singer of a legendary heavy metal band.....he is also a fan of all genres of music! From the 60's classics that he grew up listening to as his mothers radio played through the house to the New Wave scene that hit the early 80s like a lightning bolt! Dion to Adam Ant and everything in between is what you get when you listen to Stephen Pearcy's music.

Growing up as a teen in the 1970's San Diego scene. Living high above the San Diego Sports Arena and looking down at it daily. Stephen went to a concert every weekend ultimately shaping his musical taste into what would end up Rocking millions of fans in the years to come. With Led Zeppelin always being top on his list of the most influential band in his life..... it's plain to see that all aspects of his life and the music that streamed through it, we're all contributing factors to his choices in writing poppy rifs and covering songs.

Add Dion's 'The Wanderer' to the list of many he has covered over the years, to include;

  1. Duran Duran's 'Girls on Film'

  2. Rare Earth's 'Im Losing You' (also recorded by Rod Stewart)

  3. Real Life's 'Send me an Angel's

  4. Fleetwood Mac's 'Oh Well'

  5. Creadance Clearwater's 'Born on the Bayou' (as seen on 1991s MTV Unplugged)

  6. David Bowie's 'Crack Actor'

  7. Rufas Thomas 'Walkin' the Dog'.... Also recorded by The Rolling Stones & Aerosmith.

  8. Numerous Led Zeppelin songs...and many more.

And lest we forget Stephen's nod to the jolly holiday with his redition of the snarky Christmas carol 'Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer' on 2008's 'We Wish You a Metal Xmas & a Headbanging New Year'.

As a little side note....Get your Christmas Stockings ready this year for Stephens 2nd contribution to the Jolliest Holiday for his 2023 release of Jose Feliciano's 'Feliz Navidad'!!!

Yes....I said Stephen Pearcy has officially covered the 1970's hit written by Jose Feliciano. Get ready to order your Heavy Metal Christmas record this year....will be announced soon!!

All this said..... here's the latest cover of 'The Wanderer'- with a video paying homage to the wonderful time of which it was first released in 1961!!!

Enjoy a walk down memory lane when Go Go Girls in cages were all the rage at the infamous Sunset Strip party place.... The Whiskey a GoGo!

'The Wanderer' covered by Stephen Pearcy, 2023

Originally recorded by Dion, 1961

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