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Vegas Mourns the loss of a Beloved Friend

Anyone who is anyone in the Las Vegas scene has heard of Alice Goldstein of She and her sister Mary have ran Alice Goldstein Entertainment for years, catering to celebrity clients, hosting star studded events, and being THE liaison between the biggest promoters and entertainers in Las Vegas.

Alongside this incredible woman is her adoring husband, Danny Goldstein, affectionately referred to as "Bear" by his loving wife. With the heaviest heart, this release is to honor Alice's beloved "Bear" as he unexpectedly passed away this last week. Danny Goldstein was a hugely loved resident here in Las Vegas. Those that knew him briefly may have viewed him sympathetically, as he was confined to a wheel chair due to a neurological issue and CMT. But those that knew him for years, knew the Danny that was a True Blue Rocker through and through, not even a wheelchair could confine his wondrous spirit. His wheel chair did not define him or slow down his aspirations in anyway whatsoever. He started a VIP Delivery business in 2008, that ultimately became the template for ALL online delivery businesses in the years that followed, he continued to write and play music, as well as, author a book, amply titled "Music Won't Pay the Bills"

"Music Won’t Pay The Bills is the autobiographical journey of Danny Goldstein aka Goldy Jr.Goldy takes us through his entire mental thought process as an aspiring musician. From the day he fell in love with music, learning how to play guitar, feeling the rush of writing original songs, the excitement of playing his first live show, forming bands and trying to keep them together and all of the trials and tribulations that happen when you try to make a childhood dream a reality."

Life can be a blur.....but once in awhile someone crosses your path that wakes up your senses like a perfect cool breeze on a beautifully warm summer day. That was Danny Goldstein. He warmed peoples hearts with his authentic enthusiasm about life, music, love, & unity. And when the news of his passing hit social media, floods of heartfelt stories filled Alice's page, all in complete disbelief by the news. Danny was a very beloved friend to so many & will be missed tremendously by all. We may have lost a beautiful friend here on earth but Heaven just got a whole lot cooler with the addition of Danny Goldstein.

In memory of Danny:

"My Danny has always been the light in my life and always has been positive and uplifting to everyone he knows. Even with handling all his deliveries full time, he has recorded dozens of his own songs and has published his own book “Music Won’t Pay The Bills” based on memoirs of his former life as a rock ‘n’ roll guitarist. He has never let his disease define him and continues to set goals for himself and always finds a way to work around his handicap. I am so proud of him." Alice Goldstein

"I’m lost for words and I’m tremendously saddened. Danny Goldstein you were my friend. A man who gave me work when I needed work to fill my void with touring. You always gave me positive advice and you had a kind soul & heart . I will miss you,Rest easy my friend

Alice Goldstein I’m so very sorry, Danny was your rock, your soulmate, he was your best friend. You are in my prayers, love ya both" Jeff Hook

"We lost one of the best guys ever Danny Goldstein. Danny AND Alice Goldstein have forever impacted our lives. We got to enjoy so many shows together. Danny wrote this song and asked Paul to sing it. This goes out to all his family and friends. We will be there for Alice always. We lost such a good friend and warrior. I'm heartbroken. We love you so much Alice."

"So I got some severely devastating news today I'm tearing up as I say this I lost one of the we lost one of the.

Alice Goldstein I'm so sorry dear a good friend called me cuz I don't go on Facebook much a good friend who used to hang with the band and all of us let me know that Danny Goldstein passed. It's hard for me to believe he was such a good friend! Even through some hard times.. he and I and Robert and Aaron made it through as friends.. true friends! This is devastating to me so I can't believe what it's like for you I'm going to have myself a good cry I'll never forget him I'm sure any of his friends will not. He was a good guitar player a better friend and he helped me write all those songs all he had to do is give me a hook and I could hear the words that's magic. Again my condolences to you and his whole family I'm so sorry to hear this dear.. through the band in him and time as we become friends too you and I! I sincerely hate that I had to write this but this is too big not to get on Facebook for.. we don't have a lot of mutual friends and loved ones there's plenty of us to reach out to if you need a shoulder to cry on! I'm crying now so I got to go.. we loved him and we love you! Sincerely Rick Pierce"

"Honestly could not believe what I was reading today.. My dear friend that has become family, undyingly reliable mentor and one of the kindest souls I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing passed on today.

I know I speak for everyone when I say

Danny Goldstein was an inspiration to us all and one of the brightest lights even in the wake of the darkest times..

He will be so very missed by us all.

My heart is with his soulmate Alice Goldstein now and always…

Your love for eachother is a true love story that I will never ever forget" Mariah Elisabeth Baldwin

Photo 1 & 2: Danny & Alice .....Photo 3 & 4: Young Danny Rockin Out!

Dannys Christmas Song

Danny Goldstein "Here's a rough demo of my version of a holiday song. It's about unity, let me know your thoughts on it. Lyrics below."

It's bitter sweet this time of year, after summer starts holiday cheer. Stores are stocked with items to sell, stories start about heaven & hell. We all believe in different ways, a little different, but mostly the same. No wrong or right, no rules to this game. If it comes from your heart you should never feel shame. Merry Christmas; Feliz Navidad, Happy Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. Happy Holidays is what I say, meant sincerely in every way. Instead of arguing like fools, why can't we just say Cool? Cool to Jesus if you choose, cool to Wicca, Scientology too. Respect all values, respect all rules. Cool to the kids in the private schools. We all have different views, so why can't we just say Cool?

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