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RATT's ex-bassist pays a visit in N.Y.

The name Joey Cristofanilli might not have been in the RATT line up that we all know and love but his contribution to the band has staying power that's undeniable. He was a huge part of the band in 1983, so much so that he, Stephen, and Robbin wrote the song "Wanted Man" together and the rest is Cool Rock n' Roll history.

Fast forward to last night's show at The Showplace Theater in Buffalo, NY where Stephen Pearcy and Joey Cristofanilli

reunited for the first time since their days on the Sunset Strip. Pre- record deal in mid 1983, Cristofanilli was RATT's bass player and very obviously a gifted songwriter to boot. "Wanted Man" continues to serve him well to this day.

Had Stephen known Cristofanilli was in the audience of his Buffalo NY show, he would have brought him up to play the song that he helped pen so many years back......I suppose Mr Pearcy will have to come Back for More to have Joey Cristofanilli play their song next time he's on the East Coast. Stay tuned.

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