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Busy week at Stephen Pearcy Headquarters

With 2022's 'Agent ProvocaTOUR' officially in full swing, Stephen Pearcy is in promotion mode and the list of projects that lie ahead are Very Cool!

Catch a replay of today's LIVE interview with Eddie Trunk on SiriusXM's Trunk Nation, originally aired Wednesday, Apr 27, 2022.

Mr Pearcy is also working alongside some of the Coolest names in the biz on a Top Secret project, scheduled for release this Summer.

Fans are going love this legendary collaboration of talents! Stay tuned!

Another milestone for Pearcy and his band is the much anticipated Canadian show, Sept 3rd 2022 for the Acadiens Oktoberfest in Bertrand, NB, Canada. This will be the 1st time he has been over the Northern Border in a decade & his friends to the North are thrilled!!!

Come out and see Stephen Pearcy's 2022

'Agent ProvocaTOUR'...... He will be criss-crossing the US throughout the entire year.

This Tour will be like no other Tour from Stephen Pearcy & his Band. He's bringing new songs.....Songs that have been requested for years but never played! And most importantly, he is bringing that 80's Electricity to every Show! Hit after Hit, This Summer is going to ROCK!!!! See ya out there!

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