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Check the latest interview with the crew at "Tulsa Music Stream".

"Tulsa Music Stream" is hosted by Tulsa musicians Scott and Janna Squires and 9. Presented by, DEB Concerts, and Identity Merch.

Click on "Tulsa Music Stream" photo below for Full Interview. View Topics and Timestamps below Slideshow.


15:53 Stephen Pearcy Interview begins

17:30 New Solo record

19:28 How Stephen met 16 yr old Erik Ferentinos

22:00 San Diego in the 70's

22:46 Seeing Van Halen in the '78

23:32 New Docu-Series AFTER The Rockumentary

24:34 The Docu-series format

24:55 "Girls on Film" inspiration

26:15 Rockumentary

27:42 Interacting with fans on Social Media.... Dee Snyder. Sebastian Bach

32:00 Working on New Music

32:54 The Impact of Robbin Crosby on the RATT sound

33:25 Writing the EP

35:00 Comparing "Reach for the Sky" and the EP

35:55 1981 Motley Crue, Stephen, Robbin, & hangin' out

37:34 Tawny Kitaean

38:32 Beau Hill

41:24 Had Robbin stayed healthy where would he be today?

42:15 Robbin would have kept peace between members

44:28 "Closer to my Heart" and ballads of the 80's

45:24 "I'm Insane", "Scene of the Crime" were songs from Robbins previous band,

"Mac Meda"

46:33 Jake E. Lee

47:48 Geiko Commercial

48:26 "Would've loved to have the original guys in the Geiko commercial"

49:04 Tim Hudson... very cool fan story. Re: 'Invasion of Your Privacy' tour in 1985

51:45 Bobby Blotzer

52:25 - 53:14 Warren's sound and importance to RATT

53:20 Nobody Rides for Free

55:00 RATT unplugged

56:30 80's Sunset Strip

59:35 Nikki, Tommy, Stephen...Supergroup??

1:04:45 Racecars NHRA

1:06:00 Rockumentary Release

1:08:40 Playing with Metalicca at a Roller Rink

1:14:30 Rockumentary

1:15:45 Robbin Crosby deserves more credit

You can also catch the interview at: Facebook link.

"Tulsa Music Stream" Merch at:

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