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10 Reasons Why Women & Men LOVE Stephen Pearcy

This is an homage to the Awesome fans that are always ready to RATT N ROLL! Every night and in Every town we visit!! YOU are the inspiration for touring. You are the reason that we leave each town with a smile, a new story, and a few new friends! Thank YOU All for the Tremendous support & Love for Stephen Pearcy!

Cheers my friends, Miss Kristi aka. MissTruthAdare

"10 Reasons Why Women & Men LOVE Stephen Pearcy"

1. He's a mighty Fine looking man! Having landed on L.A's Sunset Strip in 1980, he quickly assessed that the heavy metal scene was full of leather & studs, so he softened his bands look and coined the word "Fashion Metal".....hence the "Pirate" look was born . This idea pleased both men and woman fans.....Women LOVED the androgynous style & men loved going to RATT shows because they were filled with beautiful women.

2. Stephen Pearcy wrote many of the bands early hits in the 1970's,  years before they made it on RATT's first EP (released in 1983). He wrote songs based on his own experiences.... being doubted by others (You think Your Tough), working hard everyday towards his dreams (You Got it, Tell the World), and love gone wrong (Back for More, Sweet Cheater). Men and Women LOVE Stephens lyrics and have adopted them as their own. When going to a Stephen Pearcy concert today, expect to hear the entire audience sing the songs  along with Stephen.

3. Stephen Pearcy still tours all year long, meeting his Awesome fans along the way. He is often told that his songs are the soundtrack to the BEST YEARS of their lives..... mostly thier High School years. They LOVE reliving their Best memories Rocking out to his songs!

4. Stephen Pearcy is the 80's personified and his fans LOVE it! The 80's we're a very cool time to be alive!!!! Before cell phones & internet, people socialized in a much cooler way then today. The Sunset Strip was a party every night of the year, with flyers being handed out to promote the many bands around, vibrant energy, and wonderfully organic socializing among peers with the same interests...MUSIC! The music of the 80's (All of the Music) brought people together..not pulled them apart! Stephen may have been an 80's Glam Metal band but he was heavily influenced by an assortment of musicians & music - Adam Ant, Blue Oyster Cult, Jimmy Hendrix, Led Zeppelin....just to name a few

5. Stephen Pearcy is a huge Animal Lover! In his early RATT days, he had 2 Australian Shepherds that his mom gave him.... fast forward to 2022, he and MissTruthAdare share they're home with their beloved cats & Bear (their big black, fluffy dog). He donates to Animal Rescues & is ALWAYS available to help any animal charity with PSA's or auction items.

6. Men & Women alike have always Loved Stephen Pearcy for his raw honesty (NY Times

Best Seller "Sex, Drugs, RATT n' ROLL") in which he honestly describes his battles with alcohol & addiction, his hope to help others, and his ongoing work towards maintaining health & well being.

7. His authenticity is rare in the business of entertainment today. The music business has evolved into a factory that churns out products. Gone are the days of 'making it on your own merit & uniqueness'. Today's music business is a carefully crafted & fully controlled by those invested in  (the product). His fans see a REAL Tried & True Rockstar in Stephen Pearcy, someone who earned his success with a Real band & hand written lyrics. He has NEVER used voice tracks and Never will ...singers have good days and bad but he is forever authentic.

8. Stephen Pearcy may have given up his partying ways but his uniqueness has never changed and his fans love it! What you see is what you get with Stephen Pearcy.... Down to Earth, loves talking about music, and has stayed forever sexy (maybe I'm biased). Fans all around absolutely Love this about Stephen.

9. Stephen Pearcy represents a lot of very personal things to each & every one of his fans. Fans let him know that they had many of their most valued experiences while his songs played...  Driving their first car, taking their Girlfriend to the Drive-In movie, or just cruising on a Saturday night. He hears so many fun stories of how his music was always in the background to some very Cool times in people's lives!

10. Stephen Pearcy was known as quite the Lady's man for decades but he finally settled down, proclaims his love on social media, and his fans genuinely LOVE it! He hears it on the road all the time .... his fans are so Happy that he found love. They're inspired to see him doing so well since many Rockstars didn't make it out of the 80's....either drug addiction, death, or simply music fads changed and left many behind. Stephen Pearcy fans Love that their 80's icon is still here to enjoy life, love, and continues to write new music year after year. He serves as inspiration to the Younger fans that have found him and those that have been with him for 4 decades.

There you have it! "10 Reasons Why Women & Men LOVE Stephen Pearcy"

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Please play Ten Miles Wide in Des Moines IA - Best rock song Ive heard in years! Thanks for playing Des Moines on this tour!


Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson
Jul 19, 2022

It’s like you were reading my mind!!! SP will always be the soundtrack for the greatest years of my life. I made some babies listening to Ratt and all of Stephen’s solos too.



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